Retaining Walls

Retaining walls aren't only necessary when you want to hold up your garden landscape, they can also be an attractive feature in your back yard or even front yard. You may be looking for a basic wall to provide some structure to your landscaping or you could be wanting a unique feature achieved from stone wall cladding. The possibilities are endless, but there's some common combinations that you might want to consider for your home project.


Concrete / Timber sleeper retaining walls

A good option for Large and small yards and garden beds, neat looking and can be stained, painted or left naturally to weather. This timber sleeper option is the most cost effective method and quickest to construct.

Another option and quickly becoming the most popular method is the use of Concrete sleepers, this product is by far the best for longevity and strength and for a little extra cost, it will last a lifetime.

Depending on the height of the wall and the amount of soil to retain, you can either use steel posts or timber sleeper posts, retaining walls have A.S standards for correct construction, garden effects have all required qualifications and experience to not only complete these to A.S standards but deliver a premium, correctly build final product.

Bricks, stone & besser block retaining walls

Another option used more commonly in front yards and garden beds, are solid stone or brick walls which can be grouted with coloured cement for added effect. This stone option is the least cost effective method and longest to construct, however the aesthetics of the walls are much nicer and will last much longer than timber.   So there you have it. Two common styles of retaining walls for two different budgets and effects. Sleeper walls are more common in the backyards and stone / feature walls are more common in the front yards. Getting the design right to make best use of the space is critical to a successful landscape. We can design a wall system for you and give you an idea of the total cost. Simply fill out a quick quote form and we'll do the rest.

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