Decks and Pergolas

The outdoor areas of a home can be a perfect place to relax. The open space makes them excel at the task of helping you entertain guests. However, they are exposed to the elements. They require more maintenance and the occasional repairs. Many of them also need shade under the harsh Perth sun.

We can construct, repair, or maintain a deck or alfresco. Our team  can come in and make sure these outdoor areas are in top condition. Whether it’s a little touch-up or major repairs in the aftermath of a termite infestation, we are up to the task.

If your garden gets hot in the summer months, you might want to invest in a pergola. These are an excellent way to enjoy a garden no matter how searing the outdoor temperature gets.

These shaded walkways are a great addition to any garden. With the right support beams and design, you can make them integrate seamlessly into your outdoor space. You can also make them an extension of the building itself.


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